Sector Of Death 2

Sector Of Death 2

Date added: 05/06/2018

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Sector Of Death 2    - click to play online for free at kizi2018.

Scientists commissioned by the military tried to create a war that would have a monstrous power and a powerful attack. Scientists managed to create such a monster, he was damn strong and smart. But they did not realize that during the experiments he got the opportunity of 20 ports in other sectors. If he has 30% of his life, he goes to the next sector to restore his life.

Kill him only in the 20 sector, where he has nowhere else to run.Be careful so he learned how to summon the servants of the fiery warriors who guard him.

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Game controls:

  • WASD: character Movement

  • SPACEBAR: jump

  • SHIFT: sprint

  • 1,2,3,4,5...: weapon change

  • R: reload

  • F: use health kit

  • G: grenade

  • Tab: menu, shop

  • LMB: shoot

  • RMB: aim

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