Papa Louie

Papa Louie

Date added: 30/06/2017

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Papa Louie- click to play online for free at kizi 2018.

Papa Louie game is a funny platform game for free made by Kizi 2018 games . Is the first installment in the Papa Louie game series. It is developed by Flipline Studios and released in 2006. The game consists of 4 worlds with each world containing 3 stages. It is the first platformer in the Papa Louie series . In the version of the game that is developed specifically for Kongregate, there are also 36 Kongregate coins that are scattered across the stages (each stage having three Kongregate coins). Collecting these coins will unlock the Hard "Gourmet Kongregate Supreme" badge, which is worth 30 Kongregate points if the player of this version is a Kongregate user. Collect gold coins and pizza, avoid or kill monsters and free your friends. Go Go Papa Louie!

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Game controls:

Controls: Arrows = Move, Z = Hit enemies, X = Throw pepper bomb, Spacebar = Glide.

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